An anthropologist of the urbane, top of his game & delicious darkness, sharp and sultry; he isn’t afraid to say it. Devastatinvly deadpan. (reviews)

“Whatever the reason, Confidence finds Smith at the top of his game.” — Winnipeg Free Press

“It’s a delicious darkness that pervades Russell Smith’s latest short story collection, Confidence”THIS magazine

“This is not the stodgy CanLit you were assigned in school – Russell Smith’s writing is sharp and sultry, and these characters are even more messed up than we fear we are. But below the hip, fractured surface of the people who populate these stories, there’s a longing for true connection, and flashes of vulnerability that will break your heart in the best way.”W Network

“Smith is typically referred to as a satirist, though I think his balance of contempt and compassion is too nuanced for such categorization. He plumbs the psyches of the seemingly superficial in frequently funny prose that exudes an understanding of their anxieties about ambition, class, stature and their own desirability. Smith’s credentials in this milieu are impeccable.” The Globe and Mail

“His works cover sex, prostitution, drugs and a bitingly satiric look at Toronto society. He isn’t afraid to say it like it is, a trait hard to come by for writers these days who fear inevitable online backlash in comments, reviews, et al.”Post City Toronto

Confidence reflects Smith at his best, a devastatingly deadpan chronicler of contemporary masculinity, and of social and sexual landscapes shifting tectonically like the urban spaces in which they are transacted.Literary Review of Canada

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