About Russell Smith


Russell Smith is one of Canada’s funniest and nastiest writers. His previous novels, including How Insensitive and Girl Crazy, are records of urban frenzy and exciting underworlds. He writes a provocative weekly column on the arts in the national Globe and Mail, and teaches in the MFA program at the University of Guelph. He hates folk music.


  • How Insensitive (1994)
  • Noise (1998)
  • Young Men (1999)
  • The Princess and the Whiskheads (2002)
  • Diana: A Diary in the Second Person (2003)
  • Muriella Pent (2004)
  • Men’s Style: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Dress (2005)
  • Girl Crazy (2010)
  • Blindsided: How Twenty Years of Writing About Booze, Drugs and Sex Ended in the Blink of an Eye (2013)
  • Confidence (2015)

2 thoughts on “About Russell Smith

  1. Naazia Hassan says:

    Hi Russell, I was looking for your contact email but could not find it. My sister and I have both recently had dreams about your grand mother (we knew her in south Africa), we only realised today that we were both having these dreams. I would be thankful if you could contact me at Naazia.hassan@gmail.com? Sorry for the arb message…


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